Why an Intraline Biocellulose Vitamin B3 Sheet Masque?

02, April 2018
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  1. Sheet masques are a no mess, no fuss way to show your skin some major love. Each one-time use masque comes prepackaged in a sealed foil pack. Our masques are infused with our sumptuous serum and are ready to use as soon as you open them! Just apply to clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes (you can even walk around the house with ours, it won’t fall off). After 20 minutes simply discard the masque (ours is compostable). No need to rinse your face, we advise you to massage any remaining serum into the skin and leave on. It couldn’t be easier!
  2. Our masques will give you the same results as a mini facial in just 20 minutes thanks to the biocellulose fabric they’re made of. Biocellulose allows for skin tight dermal adhesion so our serum will be absorbed into the epidermis and won’t dry out due to evaporation. After just 20 minutes your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!
  3. Our masques are the perfect beauty treatment for on the go. Our masques come packaged in a thin, flat sterile foil pack. They are perfect for throwing in your suitcase or carry-on for when you travel and your skin needs some rehydration. No more spilling or leakage in your bag! Get a facial boost whenever and wherever you need one.
  4. Do you really need any more reasons other than you deserve some pampering? The simple act of self-love you show yourself by treating your skin to an ultra-hydrating masque will relieve your stress and ease you into relaxation mode. Take some time for yourself and pamper your skin with an Intraline Biocellulose Vitamin B3 Masque.

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