"I personally really enjoy using the product. I love the softness and ease of injection. It is certainly a product that I am happy to recommend on to practitioners for the right candidate”

Dr. Sanjay Trikha, London
Managing Director at TRIKWAN Aesthetics

"Fantastic results! Intraline one and two are superb products and I have achieved excellent results with very happy clients.  The staff are always friendly and helpful.  Intraline lips give very smooth long lasting results."

Dr. Natasha Ranga, Leicester
FEMI Health and Beauty Clinic

“Fantastic results from a premier filler which gives amazing results, especially with lips. I’m looking forward to the rest of their range of products. The staffs both on the road and in the office are amazing ad nothing is too much trouble!”

Julie Pawson, United Kingdom
Director at Julie Pawson Aesthetics

“The only product I use for my lip filler clients. Intraline is top quality, long lasting, and so smooth which allows me to create beautiful natural lips. My clients return asking for Intraline again and again. Thank you Intraline!”

Rebecca Kate Francis, United Kingdom

“Intraline is a really beautiful product to use. Smooth for injecting and gorgeous results for the client. I love it! (The box is also well designed and looks expensive sitting on the shelf).”

Dr. Elle Carey, United Kingdom
Instructor at The London School of Facial Aesthetics

“As an industry expert and trainer, I have had experience with many HA products. Intraline fillers are genuinely some of the finest range on the market with natural results, smooth tissue integration, and long lasting effects. I regularly use these products in my training courses and throughout various clients and highly advocate for this brand. Plenty more to come from Intraline including threads…watch this space!”

Dr. Zack Ally, London, United Kingdom & Australia
Medical Director, CEO, & Founder of Derma Medical

“In my opinion, aesthetics is the science of perceived results. Only products that work stand the test of time in this market. In my hands, Intraline has proven to be a very useful tool for facial rejuvenation: It’s easy to inject (and very soft), but provides optimal volumetric augmentation (G force). My patients have all experienced results that lasted for more than 10 months and come back asking for the product again because they love it. Intraline provides the staying power of the old HA products with the performance and patient satisfaction of the new generation HA products. It’s a great contribution to the aesthetics field, and I am sure more colleagues will begin using and preferring it as I do.”

Dr. Torres, Rome, Italy

“Intraline Dermal Fillers are very good and really easy to use; they spread easily into the skin. You immediately see great effects and I always have happy patients!” 

Katharina Straesser, MD. Germany