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Intraline Please – Repost from Marissa Freeman

Intraline Please


So for those of you familiar with my blog and Instagram, it’s no secret that I have a massive love affair with dermal fillers. I just can’t help myself… The confidence fillers have given me is overwhelming. The difference they have made to my day to day life is huge. To think that 4 millilitres of any liquid (let alone a liquid that isn’t an antibiotic) can have such a radical difference on a person’s life is crazy. But there you have it- cheeks and tear troughs from of 4mls of Intraline®️ Hyaluric acid and I’m transformed like Elsa in Frozen. New hair style, sexy dress, an ice castle and a new attitude. Okay not quite but you get the idea. My son’s Calpol dose is 5ml so it’s really that small when you think about it…

 Francis Clinic, my favourite place for fillers

Francis Clinic, my favourite place for fillers


I’ve always loved Intraline®️ because they are a luxury quality brand and environmentally friendly. Their products are never animal derived which is hugely important to me. I am all about natural and ethical; and I care about the quality of product I put into my body. Only the best will do and this goes for food, cosmetics and men 😉😆.

Anyway, there is another reason for my love of Intraline®️ dermal fillers and it’s because… I’m a bit cack-handed with my makeup application… I think that happened when I became a mother and got out of the habit of intricate makeup looks. I remember spending whole evenings in my twenties when I had the time, to practice makeup alongside a YouTube tutorial. I’d master contouring, eyeshadow, and complicated lip resizing. I virtually learnt how to perform medical face reconstructive surgery with a simple makeup kit. I was good at it…

But after motherhood the most I could hope for was a bit of mascara that I could put on without my baby whacking it all over my eyelid; and the pleasure of applying lipstick that hadn’t already been used as a crayon along the wall of my house. Plus gym life really doesn’t lend itself to heavy makeup. All that sweating means you don’t want to clog your pores with foundation.

This is me 10 years ago! Eyeshadow goals!


I recently had my first vacation with my photographer and I knew of course that we’d take a lot of photographs. I also knew I couldn’t hack doing makeup for an hour each day just to be instagram ready. Beach, sun, and sea don’t work well with makeup. Plus my boyfriend thinks I apply it badly… he’s kind of right.


So I used the next best thing, my Intraline face masque. Intraline®️ have created a face masque that compliments their fillers but also is beautiful for use alone. It contains Hyaluric acid (yep, the same stuff you get in fillers), pomegranate, peony and a ton of vitamins such as Vit B3 and E to help your skin absorb the ingredients. It also contains Snow Lotus (30 000ppm) and Niacinamide which serve to brighten the skin and lighten blemishes. For my melanin rich girls don’t worry! It is not the same as skin lightening. It won’t lighten our beautiful dark skin, but it will help to fade acne scars.

Untitled 3.jpg

Now I warn you- I’m an adult acne sufferer so very fussy about what I can use. Most brands give me a break out- even those designed for acne prone skin. I have dabbled with medical remedies for acne on and off over the years (Retin A, water tablets, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, Benzol Peroxide, contraceptives, even nearly started Isotretinoin). However I turned my back on these in search of natural non invasive solutions. This includes a top notch whole- food diet, drinking 3 litres of water each day minimum, and using Intraline face masque.


I used the masques leading up to my vacation and during. My skin was simply lush the entire holiday. It felt amazing- dewy and plump. It also helped minimise some spot scars I had gained from my period. My skin looked wonderful in the photos- keep in mind that apart from some concealer covering sun burn on my nose (yes I actually do easily burn, I blame my father) I am wearing no converage makeup whatsoever in all the pictures I have posted in this blog (other than my 10 year old picture above! Why did I used to pluck my eyebrows so thin?! Cringe 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Untitled 2.jpg

It also meant I could enjoy the sun and sea without worrying about reapplying product. These masques have become an essential part of my cosmetic routine and I sincerely recommend you give them a try- especially if you have acne scars or dehydrated skin.

if you’re interested in Intraline®️ And their products look them up here you won’t regret it ✌🏼💕💉😘

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