Intraline PDO Thread Dimension 360 Cog C2190-C


Intraline PDO Thread Dimension 360 Cog C2190-C

  • Model: C2190-C Dimension 360 Cog Thread
  • Supplied: Foil pack of 20 (10 packs of 2)
  • Needle: Silicone coated 21G, 90mm
  • Thread: Polydioxanone 115mm, 2-0 USP

Intraline Dimension 360 Cog threads are our top of the line lifting thread designed for maximum hold and tensile strength. The PDO filament is barbed in a spiral pattern for maximum traction, resulting in the greatest lift and hold of all our thread line thread offerings. Our Dimension 360 Cog threads come in foil packs of 20; within are ten packs containing two threads each to prevent needlessly wasted materials.

All our Dimension 360 Cog thread range includes:

  • Barbed in a spiral pattern for maximum lift and strength, with 2-3 sections of barbs depending on the model
  • Gauge range from 19G-21G
  • Length range from 100-140mm to 90-115mm
  • USP of either (2-0) or (0-0)


All Intraline PDO Threads, including our Dimension 360 Cog, have

  • CE certification PDO (Polydioxanone) – safe to use
  • Intraline Thread quality auditing – Manufacturing production assessment
  • Specifically designed needles and stoppers – accurate insertion for Thread stability
  • High-quality Threads – giving excellent dermal traction and effective long lasting results
  • Correct Thread temperature storage – no snapping

The Dimension 360 Cog Thread range includes the following SKUs:

C19100-C, C2160-C, C2190-C