Intraline PDO Thread Double Spiral TS2560


Intraline PDO Thread Double Spiral TS2560

  • Model: TS2560 Double Spiral Thread
  • Supplied: Foil pack of 20 (10 packs of 2)
  • Needle: Silicone coated 25G, 60mm
  • Thread: Polydioxanone 90mm, 6-0 USP X 2

Intraline Double Spiral threads are advanced PDO Threads combining our Double threads and our Screw threads. Two PDO filaments are wound together and then spiraled around the needle or cannula, resulting in the greatest lift and hold of our thread line outside our barbed cog and combi thread offerings. Our threads come in foil packs of 20.

All our Double Spiral thread range includes:

  • Two PDO filaments wound together, spiraled around the cannula/needle
  • Gauge range from 25G-26G
  • Length range from 38-50mm to 90-150mm
  • USP of either (7-0) X 2 or (6-0) X 2


All Intraline PDO Threads, including our Triple line, have

  • CE certification PDO (Polydioxanone) – safe to use
  • Intraline Thread quality auditing – Manufacturing production assessment
  • Specifically designed needles and stoppers – accurate insertion for Thread stability
  • High-quality Threads – giving excellent dermal traction and effective long lasting results
  • Correct Thread temperature storage – no snapping

The Double Spiral Thread range includes the following SKUs:

TS2638, TS2650, TS2660, TS2690, TS2560, TS2590