Intraline Spiral PDO Threads

Intraline Spiral (Screw Type) Threads are advanced PDO Threads similar to our Mono line. However, despite similarities in form factor and usage, Spiral threads feature a filament wound around the cannula or needle. This results in greater collagen growth and skin rejuvenation over Mono threads, while still being a similar size.
All our Screw thread range includes:
A single filament wound around the cannula/needle
Gauge range from 26G-30G
Length range from 25.4-30mm up to 90-150mm
USP of 5-0 to 7-0

All Intraline PDO Threads, including our Screw line, have
CE certification PDO (Polydioxanone) – safe to use
Intraline Thread quality auditing – Manufacturing production assessment
Specifically designed needles and stoppers – accurate insertion for Thread stability
High-quality Threads – giving excellent dermal traction and effective long lasting results
Correct Thread temperature storage – no snapping

The Screw PDO Thread range includes the following SKUs:
S2660, S2690, S2750, S2760, S2925, S2938, S2950, S3025, S3038

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Intraline PDO Thread Spiral S2925

Intraline PDO Thread Spiral S2925 Model: S2925 Spiral Thread..

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