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Staying motivated in November!

November…the time of year we allow ourselves to be lazy, we excuse ourselves for over-indulging and we wind down into hibernation mode for the upcoming winter. But why in November? This is because there are big shifts in weather and less sunlight in our days, which means more excuses than any month in the year. So, how do we stay on track as we lead into the upcoming winter season?

1. Get some Daylight
Even though the winter months seem to have shorter, darker days filled with less sunlight…it is very important to get some fresh air. It takes 20 minutes a day for you to replenish your reserves of Vitamin D. So go out for that walk, even in the rain or snow – it’s amazing what the fresh air and daylight will do for your mind and body.

2. Get in the Kitchen
There is no better time of year than the winter to roll up your sleeves and get creative in the kitchen by cooking up some good old comfort food. Comfort food does not have to be complicated. With just a few root vegetables, a protein of your choice and a few herbs and spices you can whip up a quick and easy satay, stew or soup in no time. Get creative this season, and best of all – it’s easy, healthy and delicious.

Check out our easy family recepies blog post for some creative cooking ideas.

3. Check-in on your Goals
We all have goals throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to check-in and see how you are progressing on the goals you set for yourself throughout the year. Take a look at what you have accomplished and what has yet to be tackled. Don’t forget, that even though you are a superstar and want to achieve it all, it’s important to track, prioritize and maintain focus to accomplishing your goals. And, be sure to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small.

4. Get out and be entertained
Entertainment comes in all forms. The winter months tend to be spent indoors, but there are plenty of activities and entertainment both inside and out that may be more fun than you thought. How about hitting the slopes, going to a concert, a movie, eating out with friends or spending the day shopping on Black Friday? Whatever your desire of fun may be – make sure you get out of the house and explore at least once during the week as there is always a fun activity despite the colder weather.

We hope these tips help you this winter season. If you have a tip for us please share below!

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