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Cheek, Jawline, & Chin Augmentation



When we are young our face (starting with the cheeks) forms an upside down triangle. This is a sign of youth. As we age the fat pads that form the cheeks both deflate and fall downwards and inwards, causing that upside down triangle to become a right side up triangle. There is a reabsorption of the cheek bones, which make the fallen cheeks further pronounced. Under eye bags become larger and more prominent, and as the cheeks flatten and fall they fail to provide support to the under eye area. This is why replacing volume in the cheeks is one of the most important areas to treat when rejuvenating the face. With the proper use of Intraline Two Dermal Filler, facial appearance can be reverted to a more youthful upside down triangle.


  • Provides an instant lift to the cheeks
  • Improves cheek and facial proportions
  • HA Dermal Fillers can be used to shape the cheek, add volume and “lift” the cheek
  • Cheek augmentation can be done for both anti-ageing and to restore balance to the face
  • Adding more volume and lift to the cheeks can improve the appearance of under eye bags


The jawline can change dramatically with age due to the effects that gravity and other factors have in causing our skin and fat pads to fall downwards. This can leave many people with the appearance of jowls or drooping skin below the jawline. A sharp, well defined jawline is a sign of youth. Intraline Two Dermal Filler has the ability to define, sculpt, and shape the jawline. Dermal Filler is injected into the jawline to disguise/hide the appearance of jowls by blending the jowls into adjacent areas. In many instances, patients may want to restore balance to their side profile. Receding or weak jawlines can be enhanced with Intraline Two to dramatically improve facial proportions.


  • Correct asymmetry issues
  • Enhance and dramatically improve weak or receding jawlines and restore balance to the side profile
  • Can disguise the appearance of jowls



During the ageing process the skull rotates and the chin moves backwards. This skull movement causes bone and soft tissue in the chin area to dissolve resulting in reduced structural support in the lower face. Intraline Two Dermal Filler can be injected into the chin to help restore volume and correct facial proportions. Ideally in a profile view of the face the bridge of the nose should be in line with the front edge of your chin. For those who have a weak or receded chin Dermal Filler can be used to increase the size, length and projection of the chin, thus restoring balance to the face.


  • Increase size of the chin
  • Increase the length of the chin
  • Increase the projection of the chin – many people have a recessed chin
  • Change the shape of the chin – men tend to prefer a more chiseled and angular look, while women prefer a softer and more contoured appearance


Side Effects

There is a risk of mild swelling and bruising following treatment. Slight bleeding may occur at the injection sites. The formation of small lumps under the skin can occur due to injection technique. Please do your research and choose a highly trained practitioner.

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