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Intraline One is a great hyaluronic acid filler for tear troughs. It’s versatile enough to be used in the tear trough and has a fantastic longevity. Results are instantaneous and natural.

Dr. Simon Zokaie, BSc, MBChB, MRCPMedical Director & Cosmetic Dermatologist, LINIA Skin Clinic

Intraline One is a product I enjoy using for all of my tear trough filler treatments. I regularly perform these procedures and have tried a variety of competitor products, but none compare to the consistency and predictable results that Intraline One gives. With its minimally hydrophilic properties, it’s ideal for use in tear troughs as, post procedure, little water retention/attraction occurs, hence avoiding any “puffiness” in the area. Great durability thanks to its highly cross-linked nature means my clients have lasting results with excellent value for money.

Dr. A. ThiaraCosmetic Doctor & Trainer in Aesthetic Medicine, Tiara Aesthetics

I use Intraline One as product of choice for tear troughs in my clinic. Not all dermal fillers are the same and I find Intraline One to be a lovely soft product which makes it easy to inject. It gives a lovely natural and refreshed look. Clients are pleased with the results and the longevity of the product. The PDO Threads are also easy to use, giving great results.

Claire Newman, BSc (Hons) Psychology, RMN, MSCSoft Touches Aesthetics

As an industry expert and trainer, I have had experience with many HA products. Intraline fillers are genuinely some of the finest range on the market, providing natural results, smooth tissue integration, and long-lasting effects. I regularly use these products in my training courses and with various clients, and I advocate highly for this brand. Plenty more to come from Intraline, including threads…watch this space!

Dr. Zack AllyMedical Director, CEO, & Founder of Derma Medical (London, UK & Australia)

Beautiful product giving just perfect results.

Mica AmosAesthetics by Mica

Love the product. Have had my lips done four times now using Intraline and once using another product; however, I prefer Intraline as it’s smoother, with no lumps, and lasts around six months – compared to other brands only lasting three months or so. Love Intraline!

Cole HarrisonIntraline client

Intraline have created a face masque that complements their fillers but also is beautiful for use alone. It contains Hyaluronic acid (yep, the same stuff you get in fillers), pomegranate, peony and a ton of vitamins such as Vit B3 and E to help your skin absorb the ingredients. It also contains Snow Lotus (30 000ppm) and Niacinamide which serve to brighten the skin and lighten blemishes. For my melanin rich girls don’t worry! It is not the same as skin lightening. It won’t lighten our beautiful dark skin, but it will help to fade acne scars.

These masques have become an essential part of my cosmetic routine and I sincerely recommend you give them a try- especially if you have acne scars or dehydrated skin.

Marissa FreemanIntraline client

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