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Piper Clarke Oct 7, 2020 10:00:00 PM 5 min read

Lips: Which Intraline M Series Dermal Filler to Use & WHY

'Although lip treatments are very common, not all patients want their lips to look the same. With the new Intraline M Series Dermal Filler line, you are able to achieve each patient's unique desires, regardless of what they are! We spoke with Intraline Medical Director, Dr. Huw Jones, on how he determines which M Series product to use & why. 


When assessing a patient's request for Lip Augmentation I always try to follow the same 4 step approach:

  1. Fully evaluate what the patient is looking for.
  2. Address the appropriateness of the request in terms of the appearance of the resultant lip.
  3. Make a full assessment of the lips in terms of: Shape and Outline, Volume, Cupid's Bow/Philtrum, Oral Commissures, Symmetry, Perioral Fat Pads/Lines
  4. Re-visit the request explaining why you wish (or not) to address certain aspects to achieve the appropriate outcome.

Having agreed the treatment plan I select the appropriate Intraline M Series fillers required. All the M Series fillers contain lidocaine for additional comfort and all have a low phase angle with minimal spread away from the needle.

The M2 Plus filler has the smallest particles and is used in the superficial dermis for the fine lines and the oral commissures. It is also ideal for soft definition of the philtrum and cupid's bow. With this product I tend to use a 27G or 30G needle with a micro bolus serial puncture technique and gentle massage for a smooth result.Intraline M3 Plus Lip Treatment

The Intraline M3 Plus filler has medium sized particles of monophasic HA, again with a low degree of spread away from the needle. This product is ideal for moderately deep peri oral lines, more pronounced lip definition and volumisation. It is also ideal for philtrum definition and shortening of the nose to lip distance in ageing lips. I use both cannula and needle with this product. The cannula is excellent for contour and volumisation and the needle for lines and philtrum.

Intraline M4 Plus filler has the largest molecules. It is best used for structural augmentation of thin lips before volumisation. It will give a much-requested pout and highly defined lip definition. Volumisation, structure and definition can be provided with a cannula and I tend to use a needle for the pout.

In summary, after careful evaluation of the request and implications, I make a full assessment of the lips in their presenting state in terms of shape, volume, symmetry and structure as well as the peri oral structure. Plan your treatment starting with the upper lip selecting the fillers to achieve the best results, keeping in mind that trends are now moving back towards natural looking lips, whether volume is increased or not.