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Piper Clarke Oct 26, 2020 7:20:48 AM 4 min read

Claire Newman Announced as Brand Ambassador

Intraline is delighted to announce the signing of Claire Newman, RMN and Independent Prescriber.

Claire brings over 20 years of industry experience, she has been a registered mental health nurse for over 20 years and spent 12 years managing the Acute and PICU wards. During this time, she also obtained her master’s degree in nursing practice and as an independent prescriber. Prior to her nursing qualification she obtained an honours degree in psychology at UEL. In 2017 Claire completed the Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, she is also a Level 7 Assessor with Derma Medical. She then opened her own clinic, Soft Touch Aesthetics, and in 2019 left her full-time nursing practice to run her clinic full time and has successfully been in business for 6 years.

"I am excited and proud to be working in partnership with Intraline, who are leading the industry with their filler technology to promote, individuality, confidence and wellbeing. I have been using the M plus range in my clinic for quite some time now. What I love about it is that they contain lidocaine to improve patient comfort. The fillers are easy to use and integrate beautifully with the skin. The fact that they are monophasic reduces the risk of filler migration. Individuality is important, due to the nature of the fillers there is something for everyone. The Intraline team are friendly and supportive, this is key because without this level of service patient’s care and treatment can be impacted.” - Claire Newman

KOL headshots (1)Claire’s philosophy is to be patient focused; this is achieved by working in collaboration with patients to obtain their desired goals. Not only does she focus on physical health to maintain patient safety she also ensures that the mental health and well being is taken into consideration during the patients journey in order to achieve the best and safest outcomes.
In her role as Brand Ambassador with Intraline, Claire will provide promotional, educational and support services in accordance with our products, training, and educational resources. She will be instrumental in supporting Intraline’s clients through treatment support as well as in person and at digital events.

“We are thrilled to welcome Claire Newman as a Brand Ambassador of Intraline. Claire is a loyal Intraline customer and deeply cares about the wellbeing of her patients. She is driven by her strong values to do what is right for her patients to ensure their health and safety. We strongly feel that Claire’s knowledge, experience, and values will help to support the continued growth of Intraline” – Terry Fraser, Intraline President


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