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Piper Clarke Dec 11, 2019 10:32:24 AM 7 min read

Men & Aesthetics treatments are on the Rise – Here is why:

Up until recently, 90% of all aesthetic procedures and treatments were carried out on women, this is no longer the case. Since 1997 the total number of cosmetic procedures performed on men has tripled. In fact, cosmetic injections have increased in men by 81% since 2010 and 254% since 2000 (WOW!). According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 450,000 men had Botox injections or Dermal Filler injections last year, and the numbers are only going up. This is exciting because it means that the stigma of these types of procedures is decreasing for men. Overtime, men are seeing their female counterparts thrilled with results and wonder what these products can do for them!  It isn’t only aesthetic procedures that are on the rise for men, overall men are starting to take more care when it comes to their skincare regime. According to Glamour Magazine men are becoming increasingly interested in skincare, and according to research by Kantar, men make up 31% of total toiletries sales and male skincare is seeing exceptionally strong growth, with sales up 16.5%. We are thrilled about this upward trend for men, as in the past men have seemingly not cared as much about taking care of their skin as their female counterparts. We are loving that men are embracing options to take the best care of themselves as possible.  

During an aesthetic treatment consultation men often express different concerns than women do. The current trend for men is to maintain their masculine features without changing their dynamic facial expressions. With the workforce becoming increasingly competitive men are looking for treatments to help them look less tired, more alert, and more youthful to help give them that competitive edge. Some of the most commonly requested treatments for men are tear troughs, a sharper jawline, and more prominent chin. In short, studies show that men are more focused on subtle rejuvenation treatments compared to volumizing or plumping treatments and are often treated with an individualized approach because of this. Men are also in favour of limiting their downtime post treatment which lends well to noninvasive treatments.  Here is a rundown of some of the most popular treatments for men:

  • Tear Troughs

    • The Tear Trough is the dark hollow under the eye and above the cheek. The area under the eye is one of the most common areas or concern among both men and women. The appearance of dark, under eye shadows is often attributed to being tired even if adequate rest is being achieved. For many people the development of dark under eye tear troughs is genetic and typically occurs in their twenties. Ageing also helps to contribute to a deeper under eye hollow as volume in the skin is lost and the skin under the eye thins.

  • Jawline Enhancement

    • A strong, well defined jawline is a symbol of masculinity. When a patient feels they have a weak jawline, Dermal Filler can be used to add volume and definition helping to sculpt and strong, well defined jaw. This procedure helps to restore harmonization to the side profile of the face and is often done in conjunction with a chin augmentation. In addition, Dermal Filler can be used to help either masculinize or feminize the face. Men tend to request a wider and more chiseled jawline. Whereas woman request a softer and more contoured appearance.

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles (Nasolabial Folds)

    • The ‘Nasolabial’ or ‘nose-to-mouth’ lines and folds are similar in many ways to the ‘Marionette’ lines and folds. They are both formed when, through the natural ageing process, the fat pads in the cheeks start to thin and drop downwards, while at the same time the central part of the face loses soft-tissue volume. Both natural ageing processes help to create a line and/or fold in the Nasolabials.

In the information overload society we all live in today men are finding it easier to access information and are becoming more aware of the cosmetic options out there for them. We also are all subject to external pressure around how we look, feel and age. Men are increasingly requesting treatments that help them to generate an overall younger look, we have heard from many clinicians that a lot this motivation comes from a desire to continue to advance in their careers and worry that looking tired or ‘older’ will result in them being passed up for the next promotion.

A QUICK NOTE ON INTRALINE FOR MEN: Here at Intraline we saw that this area was being under served so we developed our Intraline For Men Dermal Filler. This filler is different because it is designed specifically to treat common concerns from male patients, such as deep-set wrinkles, facial contouring, mandible, frown lines and forehead lines. Intraline for Men uses a proprietary spherification technology to smooth HA’s traditionally rhomboid molecular structure providing Intraline’s fillers with some of the highest molecular density of any products on the market today.