Piper Clarke Jan 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM 3 min read

PRESS RELEASE: Intraline Launches Campaign Dedicated to Confidence



Intraline Medical Aesthetics embarks on a mission to build confidence, increase transparency & celebrate individuality.

[London, England, January 20th] - Intraline Medical Aesthetics above all else, believes in building confidence. We believe that knowledge and education lead to confident decisions and we believe in the right to choose what is best for you. We believe confidence is created in many forms and looks different for everyone. We believe in individuality.  We are striving to be a leader for education and transparency into the medical aesthetics industry. We believe that when people have the right education and information, they need they can make better decisions for themselves.

We are launching the ‘Confidence Is’ campaign to understand and share what confidence is to many different people. The campaign is about celebrating each person’s individuality and learning about what makes people feel most confident, so that ultimately, we can work towards inspiring more confidence in all.

In late 2019, our marketing team took to the streets of London to ask people to answer, in one sentence “what is confidence?”, during the campaign we will feature their responses. Over the duration of the campaign we will also be featuring a series of full-length interviews (both video and written) from X people, all answering questions about confidence, its importance and the many forms it comes in.

“We are not here to tell anyone what is right for them, we are here to provide them with as much education, product information and industry facts as we can. We believe in transparency from us as a business and we are advocates for more transparency in the medical aesthetics industry. Ultimately, we believe the choice is yours and that cosmetic procedures are highly personal, and we believe it is our job to help you make the best decision for yourself – whatever that means.”  Terry Fraser, President

We invite you to join us! We are challenging you to share what confidence is to you, you can do so online on any social platform by using #intralineisconfidence to join the conversation.