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Lisa Fraser Dec 17, 2019 9:32:53 AM 9 min read

WINTER SKIN SOS: Our Top Skincare Tips

Winter is coming! Who are we kidding, it’s already here. As the temperatures start to drop it’s time to start considering switching up our skincare routine. Cold, dry air can wreak havoc on our skin, not just on the face but the body too. Skin can start to become dry, flaky, and itchy and we have some tips and tricks to help you combat this common winter problem. 

1. Invest in a good humidifier

Our skin is the barrier that keeps water inside of the body. When it’s cold and dry outside this causes water to evaporate more quickly off the skin. One of the best ways to help fight this is to invest in a humidifier for your home. A humidifier will help to maintain a more beneficial moisture level in the air and your skin will thank you for it.  

2. Drink more water

People normally think to drink more water during the summer when the temperatures are soaring. However, it’s equally important to up your water consumption in the winter when we are losing water due to the increased dryness in the air. Try adding one or two extra glasses to your daily routine. 

3. Use a gentler cleanser

It’s very important during the winter months to switch to a gentle, moisturizing cleanser, not just for your face but for your body as well. The goal is to cleanse your skin without stripping away moisture. A good indicator that your cleanser is too harsh for winter is if your skin feels tight after washing. If this is the case, you need to look for something gentler. For your face we recommend trying a cleansing balm or an ultra-gentle face wash that is formulated with ceramides, glycerin, or other moisturizing ingredients but is free of soap. For your body opt for something fragrance free. Cleansers that are heavily fragranced often are harsher on the skin.  

4. Avoid hot showers and baths

We are all mostly guilty of wanting to take extra hot and extra long showers or baths during the winter months, but this is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin. Really hot water dehydrates the skin. What happens is when we step out of the bath or the shower the hot water quickly evaporates into the already dryer than normal air. If we don’t immediately moisturize, we are leaving the surface of the skin vulnerable to becoming dry, flaky, and possibly cracked. The best thing you can do is to lower that shower temp just a bit and moisturize your face and body as soon as you towel off. We recommend looking for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid as this ingredient binds moisture to your skin. Try to keep your bathroom door closed as well to help trap the moisture in the room while you complete this process.  

5. Upgrade your moisturizer

The winter months call for a definite change in your moisturizing game. One easy way to do this is to make sure you are using a cream and not a lotion. How do you tell the difference? Lotions typically come in pump bottles whereas a cream is thicker and comes in a jar. Key ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide (a B vitamin derivative). An easy way to tell if you need to switch to something more moisturizing is if you feel the need to apply moisturizer during the day. If this is the case your skin isn’t getting the moisture it needs and you should consider trying something new like our ultra-moisturizing Restorative Cream (put in link). You can also supplement your moisturizer with a good quality serum or a weekly face mask like our Snow Lotus Masque (put in link).

6. Regular exfoliation but not over exfoliation 

Exfoliation during the winter months is both a blessing and a curse. The upside to exfoliation is that it creates a smoother surface, free of dead skin cells, which allows for better moisture absorption. The downside to exfoliation in the winter is it makes the skin more vulnerable to moisture loss and can be irritating to skin that is dry. We recommend exfoliating no more than once a week during the winter and consider trying a chemical exfoliator versus a physical one since they can be a little less irritating.  

7. Book your medical aesthetic treatments now!

Winter is the perfect time to plan for any medical aesthetic treatment you have been considering. Whether you are looking for Dermal Fillers, PDO Threads, laser treatments, or a peel, all recommend you stay out of the sun after. What better time than winter? Not only that we tend to go out less so it’s an opportune time to rest up and let the skin recover post treatment.  

8. Wear SPF

Winter is no time to start slacking off with your daily SPF. You may want to consider looking for an SPF that specifically blocks the UVA (or Ultra Violet Ageing as we like to call it) light but not the UVB rays. UVB rays are what give us our dose of Vitamin D which is very important during winter. However, the UVA’s are what help to cause skin damage and it’s important we still protect against this even during the cold winter months.  


We hope these tips and tricks help keep your skin happy and healthy during these winter months!