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The Scar Kit, developed by aesthetics company Intraline, features a revolutionary new type of cannula, designed by Mr. Olivier Amar.

This cannula gently treats both the cause and appearance of depressed scars.

Indented scars have fibrous tissue that develops under the injury, tethering the skin to underlying tissue and pulling it downwards.

Mr. Olivier Amar’s GTI Cannula, developed in partnership with biomedical company Sterimedix, is blunt-ended to protect delicate tissue but can gently cut through the fibrotic strands.

The transportable ready to use Scar Kit contains everything the doctor or injector will need for the treatment: Sterimedix GTI cannula, Intraline Dermal Filler (link to Intraline Two page), numbing cream, gloves and disposable antiseptic skin cleaning pack.

This process allows the previously tethered scar to spring upwards and at the same time, stimulates collagen production. As the cannula is withdrawn, a tiny amount of hyaluronic filler is deposited precisely into any remaining indentation.

The superficial skin defect can immediately look significantly improved.


A specially designed single-use GTI Cannula® for precise control through higher density and fibrotic tissue, for the subcision of minor facial surface defects.
The GTI Cannula is a revolutionary new device designed by Dr. Olivier Amar in partnership with Sterimedix, which makes the treatments of small facial and body scars or surface defects safer and easier to perform. The GTI is a smooth cannula with a precision manufactured groove in the tip. The grooved tip was designed to reduce the risk of damage to nerves or important vessels which might otherwise be at risk from a sharp cutting device. The Cannula’s tip gives greater control to the practitioner as it passes through the fibrous tissue aiding the treatment of small scars or defects. The precise design of the grooved tip is to release the surface indentation and allow the lifting of the scar with Intraline Two Dermal Filler. After the subcision, the GTI Cannula can then be used to inject Intraline Two Dermal Filler into the space under the elevated skin.


  1. First, apply anaesthetic numbing cream to numb the skin around the entry point.
  2. Secondly, make the initial entry point using the sharp 23-gauge hypodermic needle supplied with the GTI Cannula.
  3. Next, insert the GTI Cannula, which has been attached to a syringe of Intraline Two Dermal Filler, and gently advance the cannula along the line of the scar or defect. The unique grooved tip will help the cannula to perform a micro-subcision which releases the denser or fibrous tissue.
  4. Finally, as the cannula is slowly withdrawn, a small amount of Intraline Two Dermal Filler is injected into the space created by the release of the scar tissue to support the lifting of the skin.


The Scar Kit was designed for doctors and qualified medical practitioners who don’t otherwise have access to the same medical equipment as a plastic surgeon for treating small scars and surface defects. The scar kit is a complete kit with everything a doctor needs to treat their patient, making the scar kit especially ideal for practitioners in more remote regions where their patients may not have access to plastic surgeons. The Scar Kit is designed to treat any small subcision scar, but it is particularly beneficial for treating acne scars and scars from sutures


The smooth cannula reduces the risk of damage to important structures, but it will still sever or disrupt the higher density scar tissue. After the subcision, the GTI Cannula® can then be used to inject Intraline Dermal Filler in the space under the elevated skin.




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